"Cut through the path one follows"
HYMN CXVII. Liberality.

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Cascading Revenol
1701 Cascading Revenol, 60ct
1700 Revenol, 60ct

Free Radicals, Antioxidants - than atoms stable in the ground state,...... broken and one electron remains with each newly formed atom, radical involving oxygen,.... unpaired electrons,.......... stealing electrons with antiparallel spins from cellular structures or molecules,.... damaging superoxide radical via electron escape........... . And so, and so, and so.

Do you clearly remember School Science? - I suspect not really.

So what there are talking about my health and those Free Radicals, Antioxidants?

I would like to imagine what these things are and what a process is.

My imagination doesn't work with these smart definitions and explanations. Even there are sound smart and right - it doesn't help me.

Let me try to explain it on a way ordinary people can have not exact but at list some understanding what smarty are talking about.

Sometime we use to play game in which we took sentence. Than participants of a game started to change words by taking one letter to another word or just eliminating it. It started to become funny and little by little turned to in complete rubbish. So nobody can recognize primary sentence with clear sense of it. It became senseless pretty quick. So sense and functionality of original phrase was zero. So about same process happened with free radicals. Might be no so quick but more complicate. Because if you can imagine language with not 33 letters but hundreds of thousands of letters, and phrase not 10 words long but like enough for book, and not 5 players but hundreds of them.

Or let's try another example.

You have computer. Have you ever caught virus or something like that? First your machine start to behave funny, than system gives you warning massages, than massages become strange, finally system crashes. You have computer but it completely dysfunctional - it is piece So could you imagine that cells of a body organs start to change? It starts to change whole process of functions. Logically what we could expect?............... Our body organs and systems start malfunction, sending brain strange signals. Brain gives commands do not correlate with functions of organs.. Yap, ugliest horror movie is a pretty Disney cartoon to compare with picture what is going on in our body - organs and systems are fighting with each other and with everything. We end up with depression, allergy, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, Alzheimer . you name it.. It seems like enough to kill everybody? But we still alive!!!!

What a primitive BS!!!! - I will click you out.

Let me finish it.

Another side of a coin - big and proven hope.

We are still alive, and our children give us happiness and hope for better. Why? Because our bodies as part of people's life are so perfectly and flexibly created we can withstand such a destructive trends even we pay for that big price - ugly illness, bad quality of life, early death.

What is the conclusion?

Our life created to be long healthy and happy. If it doesn't look like this - that is our own "contribution".

Is it a way to be healthier, happier, and younger? - Definitely.
Is any magic way? - No.

No magic pill, no magic doctor, no magic preceptor will do that for you. They only can help, if.............

There is no hope on somebody and no money can buy. You can only do it yourself with one simple thing - common sense. Do not trust anybody but your common sense and own experience.

And one simple condition - Cut through the path one follows - it is ancient verity.

There are no ways around, it is law of life.

Good luck.

Cascading Revenol
1701 Cascading Revenol, 60ct
1700 Revenol, 60ct
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